When Values Plop

Our culture’s weary rivals are lining up in my inbox like scarred, fatigued warriors.  One side sees everything through the prism of “traditional family values.”  The other bays open-mindedness and brands its opponents as intellectual Neanderthals.  Both are reading from a stump speech worn out several elections ago.

And my own script has yellowed: “Fine, we’ll talk values.  I value life-long heterosexual marriage; I value respect for parents; I value the sanctity of life and I’m against abortion on demand.  But I also value the biblical mandate for environmental stewardship and I fear human-induced global warming; I value God’s compassion for the poor and argue for universal health care; I value the truth; I value life for street kids and advocate gun control laws (like many police chiefs).  There’s more to biblical ‘values’ than the ‘values voters’ value …”

Read full post here.


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