Brookfield Church to host revival with international guests

Don RamseDon Ramsey will be a guest speaker at a Brookfield revival/contributedBROOKFIELD – Mountain Church of God will be hosting a multi-church revival from Sept. 19-26.

Bob Cutting, outreach minister, said it may be the first time in local history that ministers from across the globe and teaming with area churches to host a week-long outreach.

“Usually a church gets one speaker for the week and it is for their people only,” he said.

This event is different, he said, because evangelists and musicians from Israel, Kenya, Brazil and Connecticut will be taking part in the revival.

The revival kicks of Sept. 19 with Pastor Steve Khoury discussing his experience running a Christian church in the heart of Israel, where he has been evangelizing to Jews and Arabs.

The revival concludes Sept. 26 with a “Hot Preaching Finale,” lead by Bishop Joseph Kalema, a former Catholic priest from Kenya, where it is reported that the Christians there are experiencing a Great Awakening. He will be accompanied with music from House of Grace.

“We believe that if we help Jesus answer his prayer in John 17 for unity among His people, he will more powerfully answer ours,” Cutting said.

The revival will be held at Mountain Church of God, 159 Pocono Road in Brookfield. For information call (203) 740-2314.

A detailed event schedule is located at

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