Young gospel musician makes name for himself

Miciah Holman works for scholarship money/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleWATERBURY — If you follow Connecticut’s gospel music scene, then you’ve probably heard 13-year-old Miciah Holman on the keyboard.

He’s been playing since he was 5 years old and thanks to scholarship money, is already taking private lessons at the University of Hartford Music School. He recently earned a second scholarship, the Audrey Lynn Gibbs Scholarship Award, but the amount he receives depends on how many donations he can collect before an Oct. 9 award ceremony in Springfield, Mass. (deadline to collect money is Sept. 15).

“I just learned on my own, by ear,” he said.

Singer Georgia Davis, of the Big-A Gospel Headquarters in Waterbury, said it’s crucial for individuals to support up-and-coming artists like Miciah. Raised by a single mother, Miciah, Davis said, has worked hard to perfect his musical abilities.

“He’s an awesome, amazing kid,” she said. “He’s gifted, period. His mom’s always been his No. 1 fan, she’s his everything.”

Michiah is in the West Side Middle School band, where he is an eighth-grader. He also plays regularly at the Big-A, performs Sunday mornings at Refuge Church of Christ in Waterbury and occasionally plays as a guest musician for local gospel groups. He also has an album out, Instrument of Praise, which he sells for $5 at his performances.

“Sometimes it would be fun to go do other things, but music is fun; it keeps me going,” he said, adding that music is what keeps him on track toward his goal of becoming a musician one day.

On Oct. 3 he’ll play performing with Spiritual Souls as the group celebrates its 31st anniversary. Other performers from across Connecticut will also be there. Tickets for the concert at Blasius Auditorium on 64 Division St. in Waterbury and can be purchased by calling (203) 808-2777for $20 in advance or $25 at the door.

Contributions to his scholarship can range from $5 to $200. For information call (203) 808-2777.

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