Help raise money for Haiti

WATERBURY — In February Creedible traveled to Haiti with the Good Samaritain Rebuilding Fund to help a hurting community in Carrefour. My photographer and I were there for 10 days, working as pharmicists by day and journalists by night. I can't forget the faces of the people I met there, nor do I want to.  Since we've been back, Creedible has been committed to giving 10 percent of its earnings to some of those individuals. Every week or so I logon to Western Union's site and send money to either 27-year-old Ribert Pierre, or 25-year-old Darline Guerre. They help distribute the money to 14-year-old Christopher and 15-year-old Jerry, whose families have become homeless (see video).

It's been seven months since the earthquake destroyed so much of Haiti. Seven months, sadly, is long enough for people to forget. It takes more than seven months to rebuild a country. It takes more than seven month for people to put their lives back together, especially when there's no jobs, no food, no water and no shelter.

On Jan. 12, 2011 you'll hear about Haiti again. The newspapers and TV programs will remind us that it's been one year and will deliver a progrress report. More donations will come in then. But what about right now? One U.S. dollar goes a very long way in Haiti.

File PhotoNow's your chance to help, and I truly hope that you will.

On. Sept. 26 the East End Community Club of Waterbury is hosting its second annual Ziti Dinner. Some of the proceeds will go to the community club, and the rest will go to the Haitiain families Creedible has been supporting, and will continue to support. Tickets aren't expensive. They are on sale for $12 for adults and $6 for children ages 5 to 9. I have the tickets here in my office and would be more than happy to get them to you. Call me at (203) 278-4214 or write me at if you want to help these families.

The event is from 12 to 3 p.m. at St. Leo the Great Church Hall Guild, 14 Bentwood Drive in Waterbury. The dinner is catered by Fazo's Deli.


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