Visiting First Congregational Church, Southington

First Congregational Church of Southington offers contermporary service/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleSOUTHINGTON — Yesterday I finally got to check out the contemporary service that I’ve heard so much about at the First Congregational Church of Southington. I could hear the praise band practicing as I walked up the steps to the church, where I was greeted with a woman with a firm handshake. Last time I came to this church no one greeted me, so I already was liking this service better than the last one I went to.

I take my seat and listen to the band warm up. It reminds me of home. I grew up in churches where contemporary praise bands always graced the stage.  This church, though, was better than the ones back home because it preaches a theology I can relate to. There something very cool about sitting inside of a historic church and listening to modern music. It’s so unusual here in Connecticut, and I like things that are unconventional.

I thumb through the bulletin and notice that there are no instructions on how the service is organized. I’ll just have to follow someone else and hope I don’t look too lost. I continue to look around and notice some folks are dressed in shorts. It’s such a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I’m loving it. And there are Bibles in the pews, which also makes me smile.

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