Loving Muslims and saying no to book burnings

It’ll be a nation-wide movement … No-no.  That’s too small.  Make it hemispheric … better yet, outright global: a pan-cultural, pan-continental, pan-societal, pan-everything human wave sweeping through North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Greenland, and Antarctica.  And don’t forget the sailors on ships in all the oceans and seas – and the divers in the coral reefs – and those astronauts in the space station.  Everyone and his or her kid brother or sister will join the multi-continental and oceanic love fest.  We Christians will take the initiative and proclaim, in no uncertain terms, that we love Muslims.  Maybe we can designate a certain month – say, October, or maybe November, or whenever – and call it “Christians Love Muslims Month.”

And to think:  It all began because we said no to a hideously revolting plan from the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla.  Terry Jones, Dove’s pastor, applied for a permit to burn the Qur’an this Sept. 11.  Gainesville Fire Department officials denied the request, but Jones says he’ll go ahead and pay the subsequent fine.  The Center has even proclaimed America’s sacred day of mourning as an “International Burn the Koran Day.”

I can see the Al Qaeda recruiters and marketers:  They’re huddled in a dark room in a remote Waziristan village, flinching at the hum of a circling drone.  “Gotta get replacements,” says one.  All look at the ceiling and nod their heads: those unmanned planes have taken their toll.  “There’s a problem,” says another, “It’s our sales pitch, the one that says Christians and Americans are at war with Islam.  It’s lost its punch.  We need something, an incident perhaps: If only an American church would go lunatic and burn our holy book!  But no one would ever be so stupid …”

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