Rev. Terry Jones and Rabbi Abraham Cooper

ContributedWe live in a perilous age, and many are anxious about the future. Reverend Terry and Sylvia Jones, Senior Pastors of the Dove World Outreach Center, respond pastorally to this anxiety. The Center’s website affirms that God has a plan for your life! And we want you to be able to recognize your destiny. God loves you and he longs for a real and deep relationship with you. He created you on purpose and it’s his desire that everyone knows and fulfills his calling.

This pastoral sensitivity stands side-by-side with strident denunciations of abortion, homosexuality, and secularism. These evils threaten to ruin America, much as they have destroyed Europe. The Joneses identify Islam as an evil. Terry Jones has published a book entitled Islam is of the Devil, which readers can promote by wearing an ‘Islam is of the Devil’ T-shirt ($15.99) and drinking from a ‘Islam is of the Devil’ coffee mug ($14.99). “Have some truth with your coffee,” says the website, without a trace of irony, “and let those people at the coffee house know where you stand.”

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