Artist uses pottery to preach Gospel

Michael Ferris uses pottery to demonstrate the bible in Waterbury/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleCOLCHESTER – Michael Ferris sees art in people’s stories. In their joy and in their suffering he sees God at work, and for the past three years he’s molded those stories using clay and a potters wheel.

His ministry, A Journey to the Potter’s House, began in his Colchester home one day while he crafting pottery.

“I was thinking of all the different processes you take clay through and God spoke to my heart,” he said. “He was showing me all the pain I’ve been through, all the suffering, all the junk.”

Ferris, 54, said he broke down, realizing that God had been using that hurt to mold his life.

That, he said, is when he first understood the power of clay.

Ferris, an adjunct professor at The Alliance Theological Seminary and The Alliance Graduate School of Counseling in New York, packed up his potter’s wheel and took it to class, which was made mostly of adult learners.

That became his first A Journey to the Potter’s House presentation.

“I want to challenge people to look at their life story. We all have a story. We have to revisit that story and take hold of those life experiences that have them into the people they are,” Ferris said. “You have to allow God to have those experiences and use them to fashion your life.”

He noted that a quality counselor will use their own experiences to help their clients.

The students were impacted by the presentation and told others about it, and before he knew it Ferris was being asked to bring his presentation to churches.

Last year, A Journey to the Potter’s House made its way to 33 churches across five states and four countries and has been seen on TV by more than 500,000 viewers.

“God started opening up opportunities. God’s given me a vision to take this all around the world,” he said.

Peter O’Neill, City Fest Coordinator, watched as Ferris recently used pottery to minister to the crowd at City Fest in Waterbury.

“His pottery illustration was powerful and captivating, as people from different cultures and positions in the community, gathered underneath the packed big top tent, went on a spiritual journey into the word and the parable of Jeremiah 18 came alive for each and everyone,” he said.

Ferris explained that his ministry is based on Jeremiah 18, which reads, “This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord, go down to the Potter’s house and there I will give you my message.”

He hopes to eventually take his ministry full time. To schedule a presentation, contact Ferris through his website.

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