ISM Announces Creation of the Congregations Project in Sacred Music

NEW HAVEN — The Yale Institute of Sacred Music invites applications for the ISM Congregations Project, a new ecumenical initiative dedicated to renewing worship, music, and the arts for the life of the world. Seven congregations will be selected the first year to develop specific projects that deepen their ministries of worship and the arts and extend them to their communities. Leadership teams from these congregations will gather in June 2011 to learn, create, and make connections in a weeklong summer seminar with renowned faculty in New Haven. Later, these teams will serve as resources to other leaders and faith communities in their own region.

An annual theme provides a point of focus for learning and creative exchange, as well as for the projects to be undertaken. The theme in 2011, “Worshiping God in This Place,” considers the actual inhabited landscapes upon which congregations live out their ministries. Projects will build on their prior strengths to deepen and extend ministry in and beyond the congregation. Each congregation will also develop strategies to teach and involve other congregations in ways that relate to the project. Dorothy Bass, John Ferguson, Rita Ferrone, Don Saliers and others will join members of the Yale Institute of Sacred Music faculty at the summer seminar, which will take place in New Haven June 22–30 of next year.

The Yale Institute of Sacred Music is an interdisciplinary graduate center that studies, fosters, and explores engagement with the sacred through music, worship, and the arts in Christian communities, diverse religious traditions, and public life.

Most expenses of attendance at the Congregations Project summer seminar are defrayed for the selected congregations’ teams. Applications are due November 1. More information and the application are online at


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