Visiting a Methodist Church

SHELTON — More than 18 percent of Americans subscribe to the Mainline Church, and according to the ever-so-reliable Wikipedia, the Methodist Church is the largest of these. The denomination, whose roots trace back to John and Charles Wesley in the early 1700s, is recognized by its logo – a red flame with a cross. The symbol represents the Holy Spirit at work in the world achieved through spiritual gifts given to Methodists. The faith has beliefs similar to most Christian churches. They trust in a Triune God (The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), the Old and New Testaments, salvation, the sacraments of baptism and communion, free will and grace. I might add, that most Methodists are welcoming to all people, as they uphold that, “all persons are individuals of sacred worth.” I love how they word that and wish all denominations would jump on that wagon.

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