A Connecticut Jirga

Afghan President Hamid Karza/ContributedThe New Haven Register this weekend ran an Associated Press story reporting that “Afghan conference calls for talks with Taliban.” Beleaguered Afghan President Hamid Karzai was supported by the jirga, a national conference, to approach lower-level members of the Taliban with a proposal for peace. The conference consisted of tribal, ethnic, and religious leaders from around the Afghanistan. They are undoubtedly tired of war which, now in its ninth year, is twice as long as WWII. The Obama administration released a statement supporting the work of the jirga, but it remains convinced that higher-level members of the Taliban who support al-Qaeda will be brought to peace talks only by force and that key al-Qaeda leaders will need to be imprisoned or killed. The resulting strategy will be a combination of persuasion and violence—a continuation of the war, while possibilities of peace are explored.

In Connecticut, we should perhaps have a jirga of our own. Two Register readers offered comment on the AP story and represent two quite different options. Their comments are quoted here without modification.

What a Mess opined that ” this obama guy has kept us in!! more and more of his lies. i thought he was the peace candidate. if these wars were so wrong under bush why are people accepting them ubder obomo?? ”

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