New ad rates for Creedible

Creedible is proud to have multiple advertisers on board and hopes the rest of 2010 will bring in even more supporters. With approximately 300 unique vistors a day, Creedible is the perfect place for businesses and religious organizations to promote their information. By purchasing an ad on Creedible you get a link directly back to your organization’s website — unlike a newspaper ad which only goes to the bottom of the recycle bin. And, if you choose, Creedible will even design your ad for you!

Our prices are competitive and range from $40 to $75 per month. Discounts are available for those who purchase a three, six, nine or 12-month contract.

By supporting you are helping save the religion beat. Newspapers across the country, and across Connecticut, have lost their religion reporters because of the economy. Online news is the only way to keep religion coverage alive and if that’s something you value, please consider buying an ad on

All funds go directly into marketing this publication and 10 percent of all income goes to Haiti earthquake relief.

Creedible covers all faiths across Connecticut and is operated by religion reporter Tracy Simmons. Several bloggers, a reviewer and a photographer also contribute to the site. Together we are able to write profiles on places of worship, profiles on Connecticut’s religious leaders, produce multimedia content and photgraphs and cover faith-related issues. Operating Creedible is not cheap. We have web hosting fees, fuel costs, advertising and marketing expenses and office equipment needs. No one, including Simmons, earns money from Creedible – though one day our hope is be able to financially support our staff.

You can find out more about advertising on Creedible by downloading our ad rate sheet here, by writing to or by calling (203) 278-4214. Or, if you want to support this site but do not want to advertise, please consider making a donation via paypal to

We apologize for posting this non-news story today, but like NPR, we periodically need to ask you for help.


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