New Creedible blogger to write about theology and society

Stephen Healey is Creedible's newest blogger/ContributedStephen Healey, the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Bridgeport, is the newest member of Creedible‘s blogging team. I think you’ll find his blog, “Public Theology: Examining Religion in Society,” hard to resist. He studied public theology as a doctoral student so who better to write about how current events and trends relate to religion? On his personal blog, he’s written whitty and insightul entries on Sarah Palin, on Anwar al-Awlaki, oil, the recession and other headline issues. Judging on those blog entries, I’m confident Healey will give Creedible readers something to chew on, and he urges all of you to join in on the conversation.

Creedible’s other blogs include The Intersection, by Chuck Redfern, Matter of Faith by yours truly, and Reflecting Faith by John Selders. Below is Healey’s first entry, “Public Theology”

This blog will focus on public theology. Since ‘public theology’ is a distinctive kind of theology, and I have a distinctive approach to it, a brief explanation is important

Focusing on public theology defines what we will do, and how we will do it, in a number of ways. We will examine the theological implications of, and possible theological contributions to, things such as art, economy, politics, violence, terrorism, environment, and the like. We also will consider how these domains suggest the need to rethink and revise belief. If viewed with care and sustained attention, ‘big meanings’ linger in everyday realities. Public theology is concerned to articulate these meanings.

Read full post here.


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