An opportunity for communication

Thanks to the Wisdom House Retreat Center for sending out this press release.

A new on-line publication, , publishes news about religion, faith, spirituality in the workplace and in the world, and other items of interest to faith communities and individuals.  The editor of this publication is Tracy Simmons.

Simmons, former religion news writer for the Waterbury Republican -American, a  Connecticut newspaper, has initiated the on-line publication, .  Due to budget cuts, the religion news section was discontinued from the newspaper. However, this on-line publication will continue to provide coverage for religion and faith events in the state of Connecticut.

In the past, Simmonshas reported on events at Wisdom House for the newspaper.  Now, a new opportunity is open for all to contribute to the communication of religion  and spirituality events.

If you have news to share about religion or faith events in Connecticut, or about your involvements in relief  efforts for Haiti, or other humanitarian efforts, please send your news to Tracy Simmons: .  You can visit the website and see how the news is covered and communicated.  This is an excellent networking opportunity for everyone.

You might even consider linking to your own website and direct people to read about your events through . We at Wisdom House are happy to share this opportunity with you.


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