Creedible’s first 9 months

Nine months ago I took a risky leap of faith and I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to land on my feet. I quit my job to launch Creedible. I kissed a steady paycheck, health insurance and a 401K goodbye, all so that I could write about what God is doing in Connecticut.

I learned very quickly that I’m not a very good sales person. I couldn’t convince anybody to place an ad on the site, let alone make a donation. But slowly advertisers are starting to roll in and several people have made donations. To all of you who support Creedible – thank you. I can’t stress enough how much even a $10 donation makes a difference.

Rev. Josh Pawelek told me several months ago that once I got Creedible’s name out there, the advertisers and supporters would soon follow.  He was right. When I call a source or go cover an event, I no longer get a confused look when I tell people I’m with Creedible. Instead, they smile, nod and say, “oh yes, I’ve heard of you!” Those words are music to my ears.

Read full story here.


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