Co-creating a world that works for all

SOUTH WINDSOR — All Things New:  The Power and Promise of the Revelation to John will be the Sunday focus through April and May at Unity of Greater Hartford, 919 Ellington Road in South Windsor.  Rev. Edward  Townley, senior minister and a noted Bible authority in the worldwide Unity movement, will offer the series of talks at the 10:30 am service on Sundays from April 25 through May 30.

The revelation to John has been subjected to far too much misunderstanding and misuse, Rev. Townley notes.  Some believe this final book of the Bible justifies war, discrimination, torture and other negative energies that are the antithesis of the universal principles of love that Jesus taught and demonstrated.  When properly approached and understood  both in the context of its time and at a deeper metaphysical level the Revelation has a very different message, one of infinite love and personal empowerment, Townley says. Sharing that message, and freeing our collective consciousness from the bondage of negativity associated with the work, will be the theme and purpose of these Sunday mornings at the church, 919 Ellington Road.

Unity is a worldwide spiritual movement committed to exploring and affirming universal spiritual  principles, particularly as expressed through the teachings of Jesus Christ and Judaeo-Christian scripture.  Rev. Ed Townley is an ordained Unity minister who served ministries in Dallas, Chicago and Beaverton, OR before coming to Unity of Greater Hartford last summer.  He is the author of The Secret According to Jesus, a metaphysical meditation on the Sermon on the Mount, and maintains a Bible blog on the international Unity website ( ) in which he answers Bible questions submitted by people of all faiths and all parts of the world.


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