Green that's real

MIDDLETOWN — Resolutions come easy. Executing them takes work. Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change said in December, “The world walks away from Copenhagen with a deal.” He then added, “So the challenge is now to turn [the agreement] into something real, measurable and verifiable.”

In 2008, the CT Conference resolved to “increase their level of ‘green’ activity and practice within the next two to five years.” This is no different than promising to lose 20 pounds in 2010, right? The Conference did far more than resolve, and now several churches have shown how the proper steps can improve the environmental impact of our congregations.

The Connecticut Conference Environment Ministry Team (EMT) has developed 45 actions steps to becoming a green church. Divided into three recognition levels, called globes, these steps are certainly “real, measureable, and verifiable.” The most commonly taken steps include preaching on environmental stewardship, examining energy use toward forming a plan for reducing consumption, and recycling. George Stone, Co-Chair of the EMT, says these are frequently seen because they cost nothing and require no expertise. According to Stone, all 15 level-one action steps have been taken by various conference churches.

Read full story here.


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