Going to Haiti with all your donations in tow

Supplies donated for Haiti/Rebecca Newman - CreedibleLast night we drove to St. John’s in Stamford for a “packing party” to help get luggage together to take to Haiti. My photographer and I are on Team Andrew 4, named after Old St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Bloomfield, and will leave for Haiti tomorrow. We will be taking approximately 100 bags of medical supplies with us. Our team is responsible for getting the bags from Stamford, through JFK airport, onto a bus in the Dominican, to the embassy, and finally into Carrefour, where we will help man a first aid station.

Many of you came through and really shined as Creedible worked to collect donations. The staff of Post University donated much needed medical supplies, 1,000 condoms and other goods. A special thanks to Sarah Rosato, who gave us her own tent and sleeping bag to take and spent her own money to buy condoms for Team Andrew 5 to take down. She was instrumental in gathering supplies from Post. Some of my students also came through, donating tents, clothes, medicine and more condoms (An estimated 2.2% of Haitian adults were living with HIV at the end of 2007). Thanks especially to Jessenia and Connie.

Read full story here.


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