Fr. Rick and the Children of Haiti

After burying his mother, Fr. Rick Frechette returned to Haiti to care for his children. Thanks to support from so many generous people, he has restocked medical supplies and made plans to rebuild St. Damien’s free pediatric hospital in Port-au-Prince. Thanks – thanks- and ever thanks to those who have contributed to the Haiti Hospital Relief Fund sponsored by the Passionist Community! We are overwhelmed by your generosity and prayerful support!

In Haiti, Father Rick organized a “field/friend” trip, bringing his protected orphans into the capital city to read to, play wth, and smile at some of the children being treated in the tent hospital extension. He buried members of his hospital staff, mourned the loss of those not yet found, and started to repair the “old” hospital that will be used to give shelter and support to earthquake survivors. He is so very grateful to be joined by volunteer medical personnel from around the world.  NBC news has featured the story of Rick and his children several times in the last days … the “Good News” of people helping people is watched with pride and tears.

We’ll keep you updated!

Sister Theresina, CP

Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center


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