Preacher, producer come together to release single

Bradford Howard Jr. and Dennis Grady release their single on Feb. 7/Tracy Simmons - Creedible.comHARTFORD – He isn’t a vocalist, but when song lyrics popped into his head one night, Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. knew he had to find someone to put it to music.

This was going to be a hit.

That was about four years ago, and after some hiccups along the way, the song, “Never Too Busy,” is now available, thanks to producer Dennis Grady.

Grady, of Branford, owns a mobile studio called I Will God Can Productions.  He opened the studio with his wife, Gwen, in 2006, though his music career launched long before the studio. The studio is inside what looks like a super-sized mail truck, which Grady has refurbished into the mobile studio – with mixers, TV screens, monitors, a computer, and a sound proof vocal room. His goal, he said in a previous interview, is to be a vessel for Christian artists across Connecticut.

For about three months he’s been working on Howard’s song and on Feb. 7 the tune played on the radio for the first time. Krazy Faith Radio Network got first dibs, but five other local stations are ready to play it.

Grady, who sings the song – including backup – and recorded all the instruments for the song, may perform it on Access TV and possibly for the City Council.

Howard explained that song is about making time for God.

“I hope it inspires Christians to get up,” he said. “When God calls, we can’t be too busy to put him on hold.”

In the video, which is packaged with the CD for $20, Howard is shown working tirelessly at his church, Restoration Temple Deliverance Mission. At the end of the video, he gets on his knees and prays. Grady produced the video.

He hopes to put the song on an upcoming compilation album with other Connecticut singers tentatively called, “Just Friends of God.”

You can hear the song live at Restoration Temple, 1841 Broad St. in Hartford, on Feb. 27 at 6 p.m. Howard said the church would have a family night focusing on music and relationship building.

On July 31, Grady will perform “Never Too Busy” at Quassy Amusement Park, which will host a gospel concert that day. For tickets, contact Howard at (860) 524-5846. To purchase the album and DVD, call Grady at (860) 982-3891.

Click below to hear clip of “Never Too Busy.”


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