YDS engages in the tragic aftermath

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NEW HAVEN — Six days after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, Yale Divinity School students Sam Owen ’12 M.Div. and Chris Corbin ’12 M.Div. attended a Sunday service at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery, an Episcopal congregation in lower Manhattan. After the Jan. 17 service, which was partly devoted to prayers for Haiti, Owen and Corbin got to talking about how they both felt strongly moved to take some action. The next day, after some reflection, praying and a flurry of phone calls, the pair boarded a Haiti-bound chartered plane carrying humanitarian aid.

“We were called by the Holy Spirit to go down there,” says Owen, who maintains a blog with Corbin on the six-day trip to Port-au-Prince, where the pair helped organize a pharmacy and worked in Hospice Saint Joseph. Throughout their time there, Owen says, both men felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. “We were meant to be there.”

YDS students, alumni and faculty are responding in a myriad of ways to the ongoing human tragedy caused by the earthquake in Haiti, both in New Haven and beyond. In New Haven, Leslie Brown ’10 M.Div. is playing a key role on the broader Yale campus by coordinating fundraising and educational efforts. Others are offering their personal gifts. Kyle Brooks ’12 M.Div. read his quake-inspired poem, “A Letter to Haiti,” at a packed Woolsey Hall benefit concert for victims. During worship services in Marquand Chapel, Haiti is a daily focus of public prayers.

Read full story here.


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