Update from Haiti: Supplies needed

(update, Saturday, 1.23.10 – 3.20 p.m.)

Things are moving very fast again. Luc & Danelie report that the clinic is almost out of supplies. After trying to contact the UN and Red Cross, we found there are mountains of red tape and paper work to get supplies from them. We are trying to get a letter from Bishop Duracin stating the need for uspplies on an urgent basis.

So, if we can’t get help in country, we’ll do it ourselves. Accordingly, we’re now working to staff Team Andrew 2 and collect supplies with a target to have them in country on Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be a massive undertaking and the Good Samaritan Rebuilding Coordinators will need lots of help. Immediately after we get Team Andrew 2 in country we’ll undertake a resupply mission aimed toward the end of the week. If we set up a clinic, we owe it to the people in the community to serve them.

We hear that a Doctor Evelyn Archer is also now in Carrefour and there is the possibility that Doctors Without Borders may arrive soon. That would be great because maybe then we could piggy-back with them in the supply chain.

Read more updates here.


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