Creedible is going to Haiti

Talia Frenkel/American Red CrossWhen Old St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Bloomfield got word that a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti on Jan. 12, the church’s pastor, Rev. Erl ‘Puck’ Purnell and his congregation got to work. The 269-year-old church was worried about Ecole le Bon Samaritain, the elementary school the parish sponsors.

Purnell immediately began updating the church about the school and its staff via the church Web site and began planning ways Old St. Andrew’s could help with relief efforts. On Wednesday, the church sent seven people, including one nurse, to Haiti to set up a first aid center at the elementary school, which was able to withstand the quake. The church was also able to send 31 bags of equipment, medical and relief supplies. JetBlue provided tickets at no cost, and did not charge for the baggage.

The Bloomfield church has teamed with other churches across the state to continue their relief efforts and has started the Good Samaritan Rebuilding Fund. In a few weeks, Creedible will travel with another team from the church to Haiti, and we need your help.

I will be going along with a photographer to document what the church members are doing to help earthquake victims. Creedible, which is not quite six months old, is trying to raise enough money to get us there. My photographer, Rebecca Newman, and myself are paying our own expenses and it’s estimated that costs will exceed $2,000. Because I am Creedible’s only full-time employee, I do not have health insurance. Therefore the necessary immunizations could cost up to $500, according to the UConn Health Center.

Connecticut’s religious community has stepped up in this time of crisis, and we’re honored that we will be able to report on these efforts. Please help.

You can help by making a paypal donation to, or sending a check payable to Creedible to 31 Hillcrest Ave, B, Waterbury, CT, 06705. I can be reached at (203) 278-4214, or

If you can make a donation to Creedible and you are a business, we will be happy to post your company to our site. And, if you have a publicaiton (newsletter, Web site, newspaper), and you make a donation to us for this trip, we will happily allow you to use some of our content.

You can find out more about what Connecticut’s faith community is doing to help Haiti by visiting Creedible’s Haiti page.

You can read more details on Creedible’s trip here.


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