School director from Haiti visits Bloomfield church

Jean-Elie Millien, Luc Louisgene, Danelie Millien, & Christina Millien-Kruzshak came to OSA today for both the 8 & 10 o’clock services. It was very good for OSA parishioners to see and hear from them. At the end of the day, $6,200 was received, this in addition to $2,100 that arrived on Friday. We also have pledges in excess of $6,000. Our in-hand total is $8,300. Thanks so much to all those who gave so generously. This is a fantastic start … and just from OSA. We look forward to receiving contributions from our partner churches. Please send “Old St. Andrew’s” checks or combined checks to OSA’s address found on this website.

The Metropolitan Learning Center, who adopted a class at Good Samaritan last fall, has raised almost $1,000. They are also selling blue rubber bracelets for $3 each. The bracelets are embossed with EBS Haiti & Help Stop Poverty. This a good example of a grass roots effort by high school kids who are aware and who care passionately about helping the people of Haiti. Contact Caryn Stedman ( to learn more. THANK YOU MLC!

A conference call at Noon brought together many of the people actively organizing the Good Samaritan Rebuilding project. Several tasks were identified and assigned for action to people able to accomplish them.

Read more here.


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