Trinity on the Green holds service for Haiti

NEW HAVEN – Church bells sounded across the New Haven Green Friday afternoon, drawing people from their busy lives into Trinity Church for a service of prayer and healing for the nation of Haiti.

The crowd was small, but the Rev. James W.H. Sell, interim rector, said that was OK.

“I’m counting on people from this church leaving as soon as the word is passed, and go down there and work in Haiti and be a force for change,” he said. “Do you really think that our … maybe half dozen or dozen people are going to change the world? Maybe we can change some lives…”

He said a Christian’s duty in a time like this, is to care and pray. That’s why the service included the laying on of hands, which Sell said was a way for parishioners to pray for the nation.

Rev. Alex Dyer prays with parishioner/Tracy Simmons -“Lord, comfort us in our sorrow. Draw near to us those who mourn,” the Rev. Alex Dyer prayed. “We pray to you for all who have died in this devastating earthquake in Haiti … grant them eternal life and may light perpetual shine upon them.”

He pleaded that they would rest in peace.

The prevailing organ resounded throughout the sanctuary, while the small crowd sat with their heads bowed, praying for the earthquake victims. Some eyed the silent video playing at the front of the church, watching images of the destruction slide across the screen. Others fiddled with tithe envelopes and the checks they made out to give to Episcopal Relief & Development, an organization working to help Haiti by sending supplies to the torn nation.

Sell encouraged such donations and said what matters the most right now is for Christians to come together and “rage against this (natural) evil and rebel against it.”
“We’re called to care about the people who are destroyed. We are called to give for their relief. We are called to pray for them,” he said.

Trinity Church on the Green has plans to partner with other Episcopal parishes across the state to help with relief efforts in Haiti. For information, visit their Web site, which has a page dedicated to Haiti.

Creedible is dedicated to giving you the latest news on the Haiti crisis by updating this page regularly.


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