Update on the Millians and school in Haiti

Mona Millian/ContributedI have just spoken with Jean-Elie. He and his son-in-law, Luc Louisgene, will be traveling to Haiti on Monday. Jean-Elie says, “I need to be with my people.” He is planning on setting up a Red Cross Aid Station at the School. When he gets to Haiti, he will hire a nurse to come to Carrefour. This is great news for the neighborhood. Providing medical care is critical right now. Also, EBS has a good water purification system and so water can be made available. We still don’t know if Mona will make her flight on Sunday, but hope so.

One more thing, I have just ordered a satellite phone for Jean-Elie & Luc. The cost was about $1,100 including 200 minutes of call time. Anybody who would like to help defray the cost of this phone, please let me know. Thanks. ~ Puck.


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