Three rescued at Haitian Ministries' mission house 10 hours after quake

Three workers at our mission house in Port-au-Prince (Norwich Mission House) were rescued in the early morning hours Wednesday from the collapsed building.

A Haitian woman who works at the mission house had serious injuries to her legs, according to a telephone report from Jillian Thorp. Thorp, the acting director of the mission house, was also rescued and remains outside the mission house site with Charles Dietsch. Thorp and Dietsch have injuries but none are life-threatening. Dietsch has been working on contract with Haitian Ministries in Port-au-Prince for just a week.  Dietsch is a resident of Southbury, CT., and Thorp grew up in Old Saybrook, CT, where her parents still live.

Three Haitians who work at the mission house dug for hours through the rubble of the three-story house to create a passageway to Thorp and Dietsch. Both were trapped in the remains of a small office on the second floor. Frank Thorp, Jillian’s husband, arrived on the scene after midnight to join the rescue effort after driving more than six hours from northern Haiti where he had been on a journalism assignment. He pulled his wife from the wreckage.
Haitian Ministries is not yet able to contact any of the relief programs and projects it works with in Port-au-Prince but plans to provide needed assistance to them and to others.  The mission house has been totally destroyed, and the Haitian Ministries will need to find a temporary headquarters as soon as possible. In the interim, all work will be centered out of Haitian Ministries’ Connecticut office.

Read more here.


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