News from Sacred Heart Church

I am sure you are aware of the tragic earthquake that has occurred in Haiti. Our parish has established a twinning relationship with the Parish of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows in Gran Boulage, Haiti. We have no news about our sister parish and so we continue to pray for them. Through our many visits there in recent years we have grown in our affection and concern for the Haitian people. Obviously this tragedy draws our concern, prayer and resources even more.

In addition our deacon, Chuck Dietsch, is in Haiti and in fact was trapped for 10 hours in the rubble of the Mission House of the Norwich Diocesan Office of Haitian Ministries. He has been rescued and, while injured, is safe. We await further news and his safe return to us.

Many people have been asking what they can do. We plan to take a collection at all Masses this weekend and I invite your generosity and that of anyone who wishes to help. I also encourage our continued communal and personal prayer for the benefit of the Haitian people and to encourage our country and all people of good will to attend to the needs of this devastated nation.

Read updates here from Rev. Joe Donnelly.


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