Connecticut metal band praises God

Wrench in the Works is a Christian metal band/Rebecca Newman - CreedibleHARTFORD — This isn’t your typical praise music.

On Sunday mornings, Andy Nelson, 28, and Darrell Tauro, 31, might perform a little Caedmon’s Call and Chris Tomlin at their church, Calvary Fellowship of West Hartford, but by day, errr night, they sound more like Converge, a hardcore metal rock band.

On Wednesday night at Webster Theater, Wrench in the Works (Tauro and Nelson’s band) proved that they could bang their heads and jam out like any other metal group.

What makes them stand out?

This Hartford band sings about Jesus.

“We started off doing crazy experimental metal as our own way as praising God, instead of just traditional way or regular church music, we were always pretty crazy,” said Tauro, the lead singer of Wrench in the Works.

After many demos and lots and lots of touring, in 2007 the Wrench in the Works got signed to Facedown Records, a Christian record label, and they’ve been touring ever since.

On March 16 their sophomore album, Decrease/Increase, will be released.

Nelson and Tauro, both of Canton, who have known each other since they were 12 years old, said their goal has always been to be perform fulltime, but said ministry is their ultimate mission (though the band members still work part time jobs to pay the bills).

Wrench in the Works is a Christian metal band/Rebecca Newman - Creedible“God provides in all ways, God knows our needs and he meets them,” Nelson said. “We’re rich in spirit and faith and that’s more important.”

Wrench in the Works performs in both Christian and non-Christian venues and Tauro, who has plenty of tattoos and long dreadlocks, said people are always blown away to learn the band is Christian.

“We’re open about our faith,” Tauro said. “We’re more followers of Christ, more about preaching the gospel that Jesus brought and not the pseudo politics that have become Christianity, especially here in America.”

After their shows the band always welcomes conversation with the audience, is willing to pray with the crowd and tries to stay in touch via the web with anyone struggling with their faith.

Tauro, who smokes cigarettes and lets a curse word slip our here and there, said he and his band are “down to earth guys who just love Jesus.”

They said some Christians question them, asking how dark, loud music can possibly glorify God, But the band says there’s a young crowd out there who the church can’t reach. That’s where Wrench in the Works comes into play.

“These kids are getting turned away from the church because they don’t feel comfortable, but they relate to our music. They come out and they feel it. We try to make ourselves very available to the kids, encourage them and make them feel important,” Nelson said.

“We want our music to be as heavy and angry as possible, but we want it to be as hope-filled as possible because there’s a lot of anger, lot of fear, and we want to reach out to the kids who are only being fed that,” Tauro said. “It might reach one kid at a show, but if that kid’s life is changed more positively he can go and be that ripple effect and touch someone else’s life more positively, then we’ve done our job.”

Wrench in the Works plans to start showcasing their upcoming album in late February. To see a concert schedule, visit their myspace page here.

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