Christian flick gets two thumbs down

Six was created by Affirm FilmsI really wanted to give this movie two thumbs up, but I could barely keep my two eyelids open long enough to endure Six: The Mark Unleashed, a 106-minute film about a group of men imprisoned for not following the “Leader.”
Affirm Films, the creator of the movie, described it as a “gripping science-fiction thriller,” but it’s not gripping at all, is hardly science fiction and is definitely not thrilling.

I give the writers props though. The plot is creative and maybe with a bigger budget, could have been a good movie. The idea that people have to become micro-chipped and follow the “Leader” or else be eternally punished is imaginative. It has a quality cast, starring Jesus freak Stephen Baldwin, Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) and the handsome Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Anatomy).

It should be noted that this movie, though re-released this year, was originally created in 2004. That’s why Morgan’s in it – he’s become huge since then and today would probably say no thanks to a film like this. He plays a character named Tom Newman.

In the movie, a group of criminals are busted for refusing the microchip and sent to prison. There they can either choose to be micro-chipped, which means you lose your free will, or they deny the microchip and have their heads chopped off. In prison Baldwin (Luke) awaits. He’s on death row and is preaching the gospel to newcomers, telling them about Jesus.  Morgan, who is in prison undercover trying to get information on a Christian preacher, thinks all this Jesus talk is as silly as being micro-chipped, but he eventually warms up to the message.

But before coming around, Morgan escapes from prison with the rebels afore mentioned. As they run from the law, they encounter a series of events that makes them think twice about this Jesus fellow.

Will they choose to follow him? Or choose to be micro-chipped? Or choose to die? I won’t say – you’ll have to watch it to find out.

One last note on this movie – it’s supposed to take place in the final days before Armageddon, but besides taking place in the future, I don’t think the end times part of the movie is very clear.

Affirm Films has made some good movies in the past, but sadly, this just isn’t one of them.


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