Connecticut author, Christian earns top honors

Bishop Jay Ramirez talks about Jared James' new book/ Rebecca Newman - CreedibleMILFORD – Jared James is full of life.

And why shouldn’t he be? Realtor Magazine named him the top realtor under the age of 30 this year and his new book, Enjoy Success Today just got picked up by a leading publisher.

His friend, Jeff Rutkowski, said it perfectly, “Everything he touches turns to gold.”

James, a member of Kingdom Life Christian Church (one of the Connecticut’s largest churches), credits his success to God.

The 28-year-old explained that his book, which is written from a Christian perspective, is about how to start a business and how to maintain a balanced home life while doing it. He’s been traveling the country speaking about his business principles and has recently been rubbing elbows with celebrities like Wayne Gretzky and Donald Trump.

“It’s been a cool journey,” he said. “One day you’re just trying to buy and sell real estate, and the next day you’re traveling around the country speaking to people.”

Jared is a Connecticut native but lived in six different states growing up. He comes from a single-family home and said he was so afraid of failing, that he gave himself no choice but to succeed.

“I was so scared to screw up that I did alright,” he said. “When you look at my background I almost want to say this stuff isn’t supposed to happen.”

He remembers having to use food stamps growing up and said neither of his brothers, nor his mother, graduated high school.

James sold knives, and then worked for a moving company before landing a career in real estate. He currently works for Remax.

“I come from the belief that after I can do everything I can do, let God do what he’s going to do,” he said. “So if ultimately I’m within my calling, I don’t have to force doors open. I don’t have to make things happen.”

Jared James speaks to Kingdom Life Church about finances/Rebecca Newman - CreedibleJames, of Orange, added that his goal has always been to be there for his family. He met his wife, Ronnette, at Kingdom Life and the pair have two children together.

“I reached number one, I did these things by still putting my family first, by still being home for dinner 90 percent of the time,” he said. “My greatest goal when I started all this is that I had to be greater father, greater husband than I was a business person. That’s what’s really steered me all along when I make decisions.”

Bishop Jay Ramirez, pastor of Kingdom Life, has known James since he was a little boy running around the church and said he’s proud to see the man James has become.

James recently spoke to the church about personal finances and Ramirez said he felt kind of like a dad watching James speak to the congregation.

“It is a distinct pleasure watching him mature, watching his faithfulness, the way he treats his wife, the way he fathers his children. I like when people talk stuff and behind the scenes actually do it,” Ramirez said.

He reminds James that God will continue to smile upon him if he stays humble and remembers to put God first.

“I’m very impressed. It’s been coming at him from left and right so quickly and I’m watching for those subtle little things. Even tonight watching him, I’m hearing the same simple guy,” he said. “I guess feeling little bit like a papa tonight watching him.”

James will be at a book signing at Border’s in Milford’s Post Mall on Dec. 19 at 1 p.m. For information on him, visit


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