Priest distributes condoms in honor of World AIDS Day

Father Anthony LOS ANGELES — Shock waves are shaking the pillars of the Catholic Church as the world famous drag queen priest known as Big Mama Capretta resurfaces with yet another new hit single “Candy Medicine” following her recent Summer Top 20 U.S. Billboard Club Play Dance Chart hit “Big Mama’s House“. In honor of World’s AIDS Day, Big Mama Capretta is blessing and distributing condoms to her flock at all Sunday Masses during the month of December. By day, Capretta is none other than Father Anthony (aka Vincent Capretta), a proud practicing Catholic priest from Columbus, Ohio. By night, Big Mama Capretta is a drag queen performing for her fans.

However, according to, Rev. Capretta is part of the Independent Old Catholic Church not the Roman Catholic Church.

Big Mama came out of the closet in June 2009 in celebration of Gay Pride Month shouting “It’s Big Mama y’all! I am living proof that a person can do anything they set their mind to. We have to love and enjoy ourselves in this world. And, I am enjoying my life being who I am and who God intended me to be! Now, let’s DANCE y’all!’

The new hot track is too much fun and “it’s all about having safe sex and using condoms–the condoms are candy medicine” says Big Mama. “The Church is wrong and selfish to discourage the use of condoms. The use of condoms is not sinful, but rather an outward demonstration of virtue, respect, and moral responsibility. God does not call upon individuals to live a life of sexual abstinence contrary to human nature and development. Humanity is morally obligated to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS by making condoms readily available to both sexually active adults and minors. Condoms cannot cure HIV/AIDS, but neither will naïve appeals for sexual abstinence.”

Not only does Big Mama Capretta have another hit song, her fame has spread to millions of television viewers and radio listeners around the globe as media continues to scramble for a glimpse into her double life. Big Mama has appeared on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent“; CBS’s “Insider”; Univision’s “Primer Impacto” and in hundreds of international news publications as “El Mundo” (Spain) and “La Critica” (Panama). Now the whole world can also watch the video to her new hit single on YouTube: Watch __Candy Medicine__ Video

Capretta’s infatuating new single and video is produced by international dance music producer Rod Carrillo and comes with an intense booty shaking and body stimulating remix package with the likes of Peter Brown (Enur,Pacha Records), Sted E & Hybrid Heights (Akon, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Armand Van Helden) and Rod Carrillo (Joanna Krupa, Kaci Battaglia, Crystal Waters, Rihanna, Donna Summer).

The new hot track and remixes are available at iTunes and for purchase.

For more information on Capretta please visit:


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