Connecticut rabbi at the helm of pioneer Jewish cable network

Host host Michael Kigel of Shalom TVSix years after its launch, Shalom TV is now available via cable in every single Jewish community in the U.S.

“When we started in 2006, I had high hopes but did not imagine that virtually every cable system in America would be carrying Shalom TV this soon,” says co-founder, Rabbi Mark Golub.

Spiritual leader of Chavurat Deevray Torah in Greenwich and Chavurat Aytz Chayim in Stamford, Golub serves as president and CEO of the network. Chief Operating Officer Bradford N. Hammer created Pennsylvania’s C-SPAN channel, the most successful state model in the country, and helped introduce Shalom TV to cable systems and Jewish organizations across the U.S. He also came up with the network’s name and logo.

The non-profit network is devoted to serving Jewish life, and to encouraging people to become involved in their local Jewish communities, Golub says.

“We chose the name ‘Shalom’ because of its meaning: wholeness, inclusion, and as a way to embrace the entire Jewish community,” he says. “Shalom TV is not the organ of any specific Jewish movement or organization, but it’s about mainstream American Jewry – Klal Yisrael. In addition, the ‘Shalom’ extends beyond the Jewish community, to those who are not Jewish but who want to learn about Jewish tradition and the Holy Land.”

Read the full article on the Jewish Ledger Web site.


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