Movie teaches about compassion, faith

Christian movies have come a long way.

So maybe there are still some mediocre acting and predictable plots, but “The Lost & Found Family,” from Affirm Films and Provident Films, is a quality family movie that gets two thumbs up from yours truly.

The movie, which features Lucas Till from Hannah Montana: The Movie, is about Mrs. Ester Hobbes who becomes a widow and learns that her wealth isn’t what it seems. The only thing her husband left her was a rundown house far from where she called home.

Living in the house are five cagey foster children and their foster parents. No one wants Hobbes around.  She intends to sell the home, but slowly finds herself feeling connected to the children and their foster parents, and begins to have a change of heart about the property.

The teens in the home are rebellious, naturally, and the younger ones in the home are easy to fall for. Hobbes nurtures the little children and sees through the teen’s mutiny. She even finds a way into the hearts of the foster parents, who greet her in the beginning with anger and scorn.

Hobbes finds herself a new home and a new family in a place she never expected, and learns a lot about her Christian faith along the way – and through her actions, teaches others about her faith as well.

The Dove Foundation wrote, “This story is about discovery, compassion, hope and love.”

The American Family Association also praised the film, “A compassionate picture of selflessness and love.”

“The Lost & Found Family” (rated PG) isn’t too preachy, but the message comes across loud and clear: even in hardships, faith in God can make things better.

On the film’s Web site, you can find a downloadable study guide that accompanies the movie.




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