Beacon Falls church offer warm welcome to guests

Beacon Falls Congregational Church is lcoated at 69 Wolfe Ave.BEACON FALLS – For more than 160 years Beacon Falls Congregational Church has been a central part of its community, though for its first 70 years the church operated under a different name.

Up until 1919 it gathered as a Methodist Episcopal Church.  Today the church, which is home to about 250 members, operates as an independent Congregational church.

The Rev. James E. Van Pelt explained that Beacon Falls Congregational had gathered in various locations throughout Beacon Falls until it moved to its current location, 69 Wolfe Ave., in the early 1870s.

Van Pelt said about 100 people worship at the church each Sunday, adding that people travel from Naugatuck, Seymour, Prospect and other locations to attend Beacon Falls Congregational.

“We have a nice mix of people of all ages,” he said, noting that the church has an active Sunday School program. “We’re informal. Nothing is written in granite here, we adapt our order or service to the needs and desires of our congregation.”

He said worship is traditional Congregational music and includes a choir. Sunday worship is at 10 a.m.

Van Pelt said guests have told him that when they visit the church, they leave feeling welcome and well received.

“One woman said the minute she walked in the doors, she just felt hugged,” he said, adding that guests are always welcome.

He said Beacon Falls Congregational is also very active in mission projects and regularly opens up their doors to community groups who use the property for its regular meetings, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Boy and Girl Scout groups and other organizations.

“We’re really a hands-on kind of church. We encourage our people to help each other,” Van Pelt said, adding that Beacon Falls Congregational is  active in various charity projects including Operation Christmas Child, Samaritan’s Purse and the 30 Hour Famine Project.

The church also hosts The Alpha Course, which is a religion 101 course that explores the Christian faith. This year the church is hosting an Alpha Course for youth.

For information call  (203) 729-8802.


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