Chaplains offer new course at Wesleyan

MIDDLETOWN –- The chaplains at Wesleyan University have come together to provide a non-credit course called Soul Matters that will kick off on Monday.

According to Marwa Aly, Muslim chaplain, the 6-week course is designed to give students an inside look at the “different dimensions of our varying faith traditions.”

The class will meet Mondays, Oct. 5-19 and Nov. 2-16, from 4:15-5:45 p.m.

Issues to be discussed during the course include:

  • Love your Neighbor
  • In the Pursuit of Happiness
  • The Identity of Women
  • Controversial Texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The goal, Aly said, is to provide an inter-religious conversation about what matters most. Discussions will be lead by the university’s Jewish, Protestant, Catholic and Muslim chaplains.

The objectives of Soul Matters are four-fold:

  • To study traditional primary sources from a thematic perspective in a multi-faith, inter-religious setting
  • To gain deeper awareness and understanding of the religious traditions of our families of origin
  • To explore holy texts in the context of world religions in both a secular and religious way
  • To invite further dialogue among and between Wesleyan students and the various religious /spiritual communities on campus.

Aly suggests students attend each of the six classes, but said people can join anytime.

“If students cannot make it on the 5th, they are more than welcome to come on the 12th, however, to gain the most benefit, it should be attended consistently,” she said.

For more information e-mail Aly at


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