Donald Miller moderates church home group DVD

For some, going to church on Sunday isn’t enough. During the week many people across the globe gather in various homes for small group Bible studies. Sometimes groups use a workbook for these studies, or read a certain text. Other times they thumb through the Bible and discuss certain verses.



Study groups, though, can get routine and become boring. That’s why Creative Trust Media and EMI Christian Music Group, has produced “Converge: Where Faith and Life Meet.” It’s a DVD designed just for small groups. This is a different approach, which is good. But here’s the best part – it’s hosted by Donald Miller.


You know Donald Miller right? He wrote the bestseller, “Blue Like Jazz.” Now you and your Christian friends can gather around your TV sets together and watch Miller in action. In the DVDs he interviews scholars, authors and pastors about issues like idolatry and depression. He said in the promotional video, that “Converge” is intended to start a conversation.


“I see society changing and I see culture changing and the methodology in which we reach people is going to have to change with it,” he said, noting that it’s time to switch from academic studies to conversational studies.


The episodes, which will be released Oct. 20, are filmed in a simple living room. It’s almost like a morning talk show. Miller and his guests sit in comfy, leather chairs and sip on coffee while discussing whatever topic Miller presents.


The nice thing about presenting this on DVD format is that you can pause the video anytime and interject your own thoughts. The episodes are about 15 minutes long, but once you stop and add your own thoughts to the conversation, I won’t be surprised if you end up talking until wee hours of the morning.


This is a great small group tool. But if you expect to see the witty, funny Miller you may be familiar with, then pick up one of his books. These DVDs show us a more serious, intellectual side of him.


“Converge” comes in three separate DVDs. They are, “Frustration and False Gods,” “Spiritual Practices” and “Breaking the Ice.” So if you want to be challenged and want to try something new in your small group, keep your eye out for these DVDS.


Converge Promotional Video from All Things Converge on Vimeo.


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