Author writes that people of all faiths need one another

I think Samir Selmanovic’s newest book, “It’s Really All About God,” has a message in it that the world is longing to hear. He writes simply that we need each other. Muslims, Atheists, Jews and Christians are all essential to one another.

“A God who can be enclosed by our religion is not worth worshiping,” he writes.

The subtitle of Selmanovic’s book is, “Reflections of a Muslim, Atheist, Jewish, Christian.” I listened to him speak in Minneapolis recently and he explained that he uses the words in the subtitle as adjectives to describe himself.

Selmanovic was raised in a Muslim home, though his family was not necessarily devout about their faith. He then became Christian and along the way met and learned from people of all faiths.

But the most important thing he discovered in his spiritual journey, he said, is that religions have become “self-serving God-management systems” and have lost credibility and significance to many people.

God, he writes, should mean more to us than just “religion.”

Selmanovic, who founded Faith House Manhattan, has a colorful and humorous story. Unfortunately, he seems to tell that story in person better than in his book. His wit is hard to see in “It’s Really All About God.” Reading it, you’re almost overwhelmed by ecumenical theological theories and if you don’t stop and take note, you can easily miss his tongue in cheek way of thinking.

However, that’s OK because the bottom line of his book is all that matters – “To truly care for me, my God also has to care for those who differ from me”

Make sure you take the time to hear him speak if you ever get that opportunity. But in the meantime, get out your credit card because this book is well worth the $24.95 it’s on sale for.


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